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Today I found big ass videos and I remember a teen girl in junior high school; her name was Rose, and she was my secret crush. I found her to be a bit shy and coy; a lot of the other kids didn’t associate with her, but, I had my eye on her in a way that would get me through the many masturbation-filled nights of puberty. Rose had brunette hair, to her shoulders, and piercing green eyes; her face was lovely, but the quality that turned me on the most was her enormous butt. Built in an almost pear-shaped construction, she was normal sized across her shoulders, and with medium-sized breasts, it wasn’t until the hip area that this girl expanded in an erotic manner for me. I never realized how much an ass like that would excite me, but, I learned quickly.

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Through the years, I thought of Rose often, and even two decades after she and her family moved away, I would still find myself jacking off in the darkness, all while thinking of her BBW body frame.
No one in my family, nor any of my friends understood my attraction for full figured females, and, each time I’d introduce them to someone I was dating, even though they liked each girl I brought around, I could see a look in their eyes that told me, they wondered what it was that excited me. One of my brothers tried telling me I was the only man in the world that got turned on by a plush body frame, but I just knew I couldn’t be a sole appreciator of chubby women. They were much too beautiful to not have followers and admirers. There’s something about the confidence, their smile, the way their jeans cling so tightly to those heavy hips, giving their fine ass a look that I couldn’t ignore even if I wanted to, it turned me on too much.

During one of my dry spells of female companionship, I logged onto, Pornnit.com biggest ass videos online, and there it was, an entire category geared towards my infatuation. I knew I wasn’t alone in the world on this fondness, and this was the proof I needed. HD porn movies, Normal, red blooded males, good-looking, buff, and well-hung, taming BBW, and, enjoying every minute of it. Those large derrieres were a pure delight to me; the bigger they were, the more I found myself becoming hard and excited at the thought of resting my head on them, kissing and squeezing the fleshiness of their fanny.

My friends and family had no idea of the great pleasure of a plump woman, their softness and the weight of their body cradling mine through the night. It always brought the best of dreams to me, but not before we shared passionate sex. Having thick thighs opening wide, the plumpness of a hairy pussy mound looking so delicious, I would push my face closer until I wanted to just crawl inside of them. The more my tongue worked across a swollen clitoris, the higher the level of lust, which meant my hot, full figured babe would be writhing all over the bed, tossing my head from side to side, pressing the calves of their legs down upon my shoulders, feeling as if my back would break at times, and I loved every minute of it.

After we both shared explosive orgasms, that’s when the real tenderness took place. Pillow talk included me laying my head on their big butt, pushing my face deep into their flesh, feeling the softness of their skin and enjoying every moment of the afterglow.

Some guys just don’t have a clue as to what they’re missing, but luckily, there are many more men than just myself that appreciate the curve to a real woman. I knew I wasn’t alone, but, it was watching Big Ass on video that convinced me of that fact. Don’t forget to check these porn videos!

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It’s not unusual for me to come home in the evenings, take a hot shower and before sitting down for dinner, she’s already got the laptop booted up to, video.apornstories.com, and that tells me she’s horny and ready to get down and dirty. The thought of my co-workers will go through my head and I know, if they’re going to cum tonight, it will be by masturbation only, but not me!

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My hot girlfriend loves to watch Sexoficator.com porn HD videos online. It means she and I both are going to be extra excited. There’s something about watching the nudity on the screen, listening to them talk dirty, hearing the moaning and groaning; it makes us feel as though we’re having group sex; the amateurs are that real to us.

She already had a couple of, XXX movies picked out and clicking on them to begin, she immediately dropped to her knees and took my semi-erect cock into her mouth. It didn’t take many vertical motions of her tongue and lips before I was completely hard and ready to cum quickly, but, I held back; I wanted it to last as long as I could make it do so.

Looking down at her, I was reminded of how hot and beautiful my brunette babe was. Her huge eyes would look up at me and I could tell, if her mouth wasn’t busy, she’d be giving that wicked smile that always says she’s in the mood. Very slowly I felt my hardness break free from her oral sex grip, my shaft glistening from the saliva she’d left behind, as she stood up in front of me. She’d been wearing just a robe when I got home, and it dropped to the floor, exposing her shapely body. My girl does enjoy being an exhibitionist; it’s one of the first things I noticed and liked about her, she turned me on quickly.

Reaching down, she began to rub her shaved vaginal area while I watched; she knows how hot I get seeing her masturbate. Spreading the labia wide, I could see her clitoris was swollen and almost pulsating. Placing her foot on the cushion of the sofa, her legs were now wide apart, which was my cue to dive in, face first and lick her slippery pink slit until she experiences her first orgasm for the night, and I did. Her juices coated my tongue and glazed my chin; her taste was such a soft muskiness and one I never grew tired of.

One more quick swipe of my tongue across her now sensitive clit and then I laid back on the sofa, looking at the sex movies that were playing and seeing another lovely brunette mounting the meat of a man that was more than ready to fill her, just as I was feeling. With my head placed on the arm of the sofa, I was set in with comfort and ready to be ridden. My sexy girlfriend, also watching the screen, knew the position I wanted and like a pro she got on her knees, one on each side of my upper thighs, and grabbed the shaft of my fully erected cock, guiding it into her hot pussy, one inch at a time, lowering her body and taking me all the way inside of her. I am still unable to forget that HD porn video.

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She knew to be still for a moment, that first rush of being inside of her always made me want to shoot my load quickly, it felt so good, but, as long as she didn’t move for a minute, then I could hold back. And then she began moving slowly, up and down her body, taking me in and out of her, all the while, my hands fondling the fleshiness of her big boobs, squeezing and then rubbing her hard nipples, bringing a throaty moan from deep inside of her lungs.

She leaned forward a bit more, now resting her face in my shoulder area; her big ass continued to bounce, faster and faster, with her back arching. I grabbed her hips and met every thrust to hers. I could feel her vaginal walls squeezing and clenching my hard-on, and I felt the rush of hot juices coating my cock as she indeed did come again for me. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I could hear the girl in the HD porn movie we were watching screaming through an orgasm at the same time as I allowed my load to blow. Filling her with my man juices, I could feel it running back out and knew what a great creampie shot that would have made.

The weather man had been predicting a snow storm for two days. Awakening early in the morning, I found drifts blown high against the windows, the howling of wind-filled gusts adding to the winter scene outdoors.

I didn’t want to awaken her; we’d been up late, and with us both having the day off from work, I thought I’d occupy myself until she awoke on her own. Booting up my laptop, I did the usual things, checking news headlines, my email boxes, and also the weather reports for the rest of the day, and then, I decided to go over to apornstories.com for some erotic movies. I was in the mood to feel arousal that would have my testicles tingling, and, that was certainly the place for finding porn tube excitement.

Going through the long list of categories and choices, I opted for something a bit more hardcore than usual, with a little bondage involved, some light spanking, and the submissive versus dominant roll play. The quality was great, with a clarity that showed every erotic detail I wanted to see. It wasn’t long before I heard the shuffle of her slippers coming down the hallway.

I turned the volume up, and as she walked out and came up behind my chair, wrapping her arms across my shoulders, she could see a hot babe with a big ass dressed in leather, with high heels and an amazing attitude, taking control of the submissive male she had tied to the table with a paper-clip on his nipples and a ball gag in his mouth.

She let out a bit of a throaty moan and knew I was on a porn website; that’s the place she and I would always choose when watching a porno tube site together. Sliding around to sit next to me on the chair, her hand slid across my lap to the erection she knew she would find, slowly stroking me as we watched in silence the BDSM footage play across the screen.

It didn’t take long until I could feel her breathing hard, and I knew the porno tube footage had gotten to her as it had done with me. Turning the laptop a bit to the right, she took me by the hand and led me to the sofa, still able to watch the XXX video, but having the ability to get down and dirty with each other as well. Kicking off her slippers, she then removed her knee socks, using them to wrap around my wrists and then tie them together above my head. Sliding my pyjama bottoms off, my hardness had my shaft standing at full attention, aimed right at her face.

She lowered her head to slide her tongue seductively from the inside of my thighs, up to the tip of my bulbous head. She knows how much I enjoy entwining my fingers through her long hair when she gives me oral sex, but having my hands tied gave the restraint she wanted me to feel. She was totally in charge of our hardcore sex, the same as the nude girl on the Pornhub.com XXX tube was doing.

She could tell by the rise and fall of my chest and the drawing up of my testicles that I could have easily blasted her face with an orgasm, but she wanted it to last a bit longer. Her tongue traveled to my nipples and then further upward until we kissed tenderly and passionately. She slipped off her robe and pajamas, paying no attention to the fierce winter weather outside of our window; she was completely naked and ready to share a snowy day and sex with me.

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Her petite body mounted mine; she fondled her own breasts while I watched, but, of course I wasn’t allowed to touch, and then she began to grind her shaved vaginal mound towards my hard-on. Like a magnet to steel, she assumed a position of being on top like a professional as we melded together perfectly. Very slowly she lowered her body and I could feel the hot, creamy, interior walls of her vagina swallowing each of my thick inches. Her pelvic area ground to and from, giving us both the stimulation we desired.

With the porn tube still playing, and the volume turned up, we could hear the loud moans from the dominant woman as well as the submissive male, which only heightened our own arousal. She buried her face into my shoulders, her hips pivoted and bounced at a quicker pace, and I could even feel her juices coating my shaft with her thick, female orgasm, only to be met by my own ejaculation.