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Snow Day at Erotic Tube

The weatherman had been predicting a snowstorm for two days. Awakening early in the morning, I found drifts blowing high against the windows, the howling of wind-filled gusts adding to the winter scene outdoors.

I didn’t want to awaken her; we’d been up late, and with us both having the day off from work, I thought I’d occupy myself until she awoke on her own. Booting up my laptop, I did the usual things, checking news headlines, my email boxes, and the latest weather reports for the rest of the day, and then I decided to go to apornstories.com for some erotic movies. I was in the mood to feel arousal that would have my testicles tingling, which was undoubtedly the place for finding porn tube excitement.

Going through the long list of categories and choices, I opted for something more hardcore than usual, with a bit of bondage, some light spanking, and the submissive versus dominant role play. The quality was excellent, with a clarity that showed every erotic detail I wanted to see. It wasn’t long before I heard the shuffle of her slippers coming down the hallway.

I turned the volume up, and as she walked out and came up behind my chair, wrapping her arms across my shoulders, she could see a hot babe with a big ass dressed in leather, with high heels and a fantastic attitude, taking control of the submissive male she had tied to the table with a paper-clip on his nipples and a ball gag in his mouth.

She let out a bit of a throaty moan and knew I was on a porn website; that’s the place she and I would always choose when watching a porno tube site together. Sliding around to sit next to me on the chair, her hand slid across my lap to the erection she knew she would find, slowly stroking me as we watched the BDSM footage play across the screen in silence.

It didn’t take long until I could feel her breathing hard, and I knew the porno tube footage had gotten to her as it had done with me.

Turning the laptop a bit to the right, she took me by the hand and led me to the sofa, still able to watch the XXX video but able to get down and dirty with each other. Kicking off her slippers, she removed her knee socks, using them to wrap around my wrists and tie them together above my head. After I slid my pajama bottoms off, my hardness had my shaft standing at full attention, aimed right at her face.

She lowered her head to slide her tongue seductively from the inside of my thighs up to the tip of my bulbous head. She knows how much I enjoy entwining my fingers through her long hair when she gives me oral sex, but having my hands tied gave me the restraint she wanted me to feel. She was totally in charge of our hardcore sex, the same as the nude girl on the apornstories.com XXX tube was doing.

She could tell it by the rise and fall of my chest and the drawing up of my testicles that I could have quickly blasted her face with an orgasm. Still, she wanted it to last a bit longer. Her tongue traveled to my nipples and then further upward until we kissed tenderly and passionately. She slipped off her robe and pajamas, paying no attention to the severe winter weather outside our window; she was completely naked and ready to share a snowy day and sex with me.

Erotica on Sex Tube

Her petite body mounted mine; she rubbed her breasts while I watched, but I wasn’t allowed to touch them, and then she began grinding her shaved vaginal mound towards my hard-on. Like a magnet to steel, she assumed a position of being on top like a professional as we melded together perfectly. Very slowly, she lowered her body. I could feel the hot, creamy interior walls of her vagina swallowing each of my thick inches. Her pelvic area is ground to and from, giving us the desired stimulation.

With the porn tube still playing and the volume turned up, we could hear the loud moans from the dominant woman and the submissive male, which only heightened our arousal. She buried her face into my shoulders, her hips pivoted and bounced quicker, and I could even feel her juices coating my shaft with her thick, female orgasm, only to be met by my ejaculation.


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